Telescopic sights and targeting optics

German Armed Forces Soldier in shooting position with 4x30 and RSA-S in grassland

Night-vision attachments

German Armed Forces Soldier in front of a vehicle with 4x30, RSA-S and IRV600

Observation optics


Missing the target is no option

Video Boresight_10

Fire control sight for shoulder launched weapon systems

2011 Special Forces in Action RGW 90 with FCS macro landscape

Product Lines

Precision In Action

Our Vision

Hensoldt stands for combat-proven, reliable and accurate targeting and observation optics for hand-held weapons up to heavy weapons systems. The Hensoldt line of products includes sights, scopes, spotters, night vision attachments, muzzle boresights and fire control sights. We furnish the right gear for every mission under all light conditions and we are proud to support modern-day security and military forces across the globe. Hensoldt raises the performance bar with optics tailored to the needs of the military. Precision is our mission – our fine-tuned optics are engineered to the special tasks that they perform. Offering the convenience of truly ergonomic design, our robust products deliver outstanding optical performance whatever the conditions may be. As all devices stem from the same reliable source, full modularity is guaranteed. With decades of experience and innovation to take us forward, our high precision optics provide the advantage to keep control in combat situations and outperform the enemy.

Our Target

Missing the target is no option. Security forces today save lives, rescue hostages and conduct surveillance from afar. Police or military, all these units need targeting and observation optics of the highest optical and optronic quality to do their duty. Hensoldt has a proud heritage in making state-of-the-art, high performance optics. We aim to deliver the best for security and military forces. Lives and the success of the mission depend on the aiming accuracy of our equipment. Our optics help combatants accomplish their mission in defiance of blistering heat, arctic cold or heavy rain. They are robust enough for use in every climatic environment and offer unprecedented clear vision in all light conditions. For a clear view, day and night.